Was this invitation to dinner a date, something just as friends, or something else?

I work in one of the food places at my school and this girl works at one of the other ones. We only talked once before when she was a customer at the place work. She is a freshman and I am a junior. I really like her. I told her I never ate at the place she worked, so she said she would go with me to eat there on Saturday. Later that day, her friends and I were hanging out and she said I was okay when I said girls have never like me before. I have never been in a date nor have I asked a girl out before, so is this a date and is a there she likes me?

I really like her, should I ask her if it is a date?


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  • I wouldn't assume anything just yet give it sometime hang out as friends and see if she gives you any signs that may be more helpful.

    • We did hangout with her friends for a long time after work, which was fun. I do not want to assume anything, but based off this, does this sound like a date?

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