Guys, would you date this girl?

It is a weird question for a guy to ask, but what would you give this girl through 0 to 10?(It's because of a kind of embarrassing situation.) She is a pretty, tan Asian girl who looks a lot like Jessica Alba (not just in my opinion). Very sinical at first, but acts very positive with people she likes. Has a adorable smile, beautiful figure which is not too skinny. Very cool and only smiles to her friends. She likes almost everyone but she is afraid to maks lots of friends. Humerous & confident but sometimes self conscious about herself because of Asian steriotypes. She is better then boys when it comes to sports, and she likes to joke around, calls her friends 'dude'. She wants to be a cop when she graduates college soon. Nice and kind but tough. It is so pretty when she softly smiles.

Maybe these were to specific?


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  • Asian Girl? = instant date.


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