Would a guy do this if he likes you?

Ok so there's this guy and i know he likes me. But would he date another girl to get my attention? He doesn't make it obvious at all that he's dating her and basically just her and a few of her friends know. So would he do this to get my attention?


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  • I doubt it, especially considering he didn't make a big deal out of it.


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  • I think no! Being with somebody else just to get attention I hope not

    • Idk, she bothers him a lot and is a big flirt. It's kinda mean, but I think it is something he would do.

    • I sorry to say this but in that case he is an a**hole stupid guy

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  • no, I don't think so. I know what you mean. i friends with benefits a guy years ago , and he were flirting to another girl when we both at a party , but i caught him secretly looking at me see what i react.
    and he get upset i did not say anything and left. and years after he called me told me he really liked me.
    and i actually knew.
    if he doesn't make it obvious and not do it just in front of you. he may just really dating another girl.

    • He doesn't do it in front of anyone, and so that's what leads me to believe that he is just trying to shut her up. I once heard him say that he is embarrassed because she is kind of a whore. (Not to be rude. )

    • She really likes him and won't leave him alone.

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