He pursued me, then said his world was falling apart. Should I bother waiting?

I'll keep this short. Met a guy, hit it off with him and we were flirting with each other. Was told he had a girlfriend, bummer, but he's still a cool guy and somebody I'd like to know.
A few weeks later he messaged me on pof. Knowing I should be cautious, I sent him a message back and gave him my number if he wanted to hang out.
He finally texted me a few weeks after that. We went out, had a good time. I asked about the girlfriend and he told me that the breakup was really recent. Hadn't told his friends yet recent. We fooled around a bit ( we have some amazing chemistry between us), but I wouldn't let it get too far as I actually wanted to see him again, I didn't want to be just a rebound, he was still hurting, and he didn't have protection. And yes, I told him all that. He left happy and all seemed well.
Two days later I texted him, "Hey! Hope your weekend is going well." His response?: " It's not. But thanks. My world has fallen apart. I should say that I won't be in contact"
I texted back that he knew how to reach me if me needed anything and I hoped things got better soon. This really sucks as he's the first guy in a long time that I've clicked with and the first decent date I've had in at least a year.
So here's my question: Should I just give him some space and contact him again in a few weeks? Should I wait until he contacts me ( we work in similar fields, we're bound to run into each other)? Or should I just give up on the first decent guy to cross my path in a very long time?

PS He's also been on Tinder since then, I know because I saw his pic

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  • Let it be. Take it as a loss and just know you will hit it off again with someone in the future. It'll suck now but time heals everything.


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  • I would back away he seems he wasn't the one to initiate the break up if he is hurting and if he said he won't be in contact and you keep contacting him it's a bit annoying and you seem clingy or needy. If he contacts you then sure go and talk to him, but I wouldn't be the one trying you did that already asking how was his weekend. I think that date was a release for him and you was a rebound at that point in time. Good you didn't go all the way. If he heals and ready to date and he contacts you it will be better for the relationship.


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