Friend trying to get the girl I like. What should I do?

Long story short, there is this girl in my college class that I have seen to take a interest in and I think she is interested in me (We make eye contact during class). One day, we started talk to each other after class and now we walk to the same building to class every Tuesday. Well one day, a friend of mine in my class started to walk with us. Yesterday when class ended, she was taking a long time to come out of class so I just walked to class, but I notice that I friend started to wait on her to come out. I do like this girl but honestly if he wants her he can have her I don't mind. But what do you guys think I should do? If anyone has had a problem like this please share.


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  • well i liked a girl ones and my best friend liked her too but he helped me trying to get her
    but try to keep in the battle
    but as soon as you see you have no chance
    just walk away i think that is the only thing you can do
    if you really like her try to keep fighting
    good luck


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