Why hasn't he called?

I met a guy on a matrimonial website (a little different than a regular dating website as the intention is for long-term relationships from the get-go eventually leading to marriage). We’re from different provinces. Anyway me and this guy exchanged pics, and liked what we saw of each other so started texting and calling each other. It only lasted a month or so but he definitely expressed interest as I initiated first contact and all contact thereafter was initiated by him. We had a lot of good phone and text conversations. So two weeks ago, he asked if he could add me to Facebook. Normally, I’m not comfortable with adding people onto Facebook that I don’t know that well but I went with my gut feeling (that’s he a really decent, nice guy) and added him. When I added him it became obvious that he is in fact a great guy, very very family oriented, almost all his pics were of him with his family etc. I was a little conscious of mine because a lot of my pics were from a few years ago, when I was a bit of a party girl. I’m still a social person, but I don’t really go clubbing much etc. now and I was concerned that my profile only reflected the me from a few years ago. Nevertheless, I added him and we still had contact after but it seems to have scaled back significantly. Mind you I’ve only known him for a month or so but he called or text me every couple of days and now I haven’t heard from him in a week. I’m wondering how I should handle this. Any tips?


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  • well its only been about a week so don't stress if it goes past a week and he doesn't text then you should do it and if you think that he is judging you on your pics just tell him that oh those were back in the days or something like that , that you don;t party that much anymore if he sounds that he is interested just keep in touch with him maybe he doesn't like texting too often like you said its only been a wekk since you two talked so just wait or just txt him..hope I helped