I am freaking out about my date tonight. help me?

Tonight I have my first date with this girl, and I am freaking out, because I have only ever been on one date before in my life, and it went awfully. So I'd really appreciate any advice, or words of wisdom, or anything that can help me stop freaking out.

She just asked to postpone the date saying that she doesn't feel well. does that mean that she was also freaking out, or is it just a coincidence?


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  • OK first breath get ready for your date when the time comes when your see her tell her she looks nice and make her laugh it lighten up the mood

    • She asked to postpone the date saying that she wasn't feeling well, I am thinking it might be an excuse and she just didn't want to go out with me, is that something girls do?

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    • I didn't know that nerves could actually make you sick enough to throw up, I've never felt like that was even possible.

    • It happened to me so if she really is sick and she asked for a rain check then she's into you

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  • Take a deep breathe. That's the first thing you need to do. And hey maybe she was nervous too?


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  • what helps is this. your mindset & focus are what dictates how you perceptive things. so instead of focusing what am I gonna say next? and what are we going to do? and what if it goes bad? start to redirect your focus towards things that are positive with questions. example: what am I going to wear? what is the restaurant menu like? instead of asking what do I say next pay attention to what she is saying and how she feels when she talks about that subject. WOMEN ONLY WANT 3 things from a man. to be loved, to be listened to, and have their feelings understood. so don't get stuck in your head thinking what if but rather start to ask yourself what is she saying? how does she feel? & I guarantee everything will be perfect.

  • Here's my advice. Don't date because you are really into someone. Don't date to find a relationship. Just date to have fun. Girls are silly and fun. Focus on the idea that whatever front she puts on, she's a silly girl who wants to have fun with you. No pressure.