Have you ever been thankful?

You know when you are in a situation that is hard, in my case a total heartbreak, a person you cared for who was awful to you and took you for granted. Then one day you decide its enough and you have had enough and you manage to pick yourself up and you simply walk away.
As hard as it is, and as much as it hurts , you chose yourself and you know you deserve better.
Than slowly that pain fades away and the scars heal and you grow stronger, and you learn.
After few years you are able to let it go and forgive, and when he comes back you are able to breath and you are able to be okay and be friends, because the feelings and the pain has gone away, and you simply thank him.

Have you ever been in this situation where you feel its okay to be friends or friendly with a ex, you got hurt yes but you both were so young and especially you ddnt know what you were doing. I love this song called grown up by emilie johansen, describes everything so perfectly.


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