Why does he avoid the breaking up issue?

My 'boyfriend' and I have been dating for four months or so now. He was abroad for a month and while he was there he all of a sudden completely changed. He texted me that he needed time to think over our relationship and that he wasn't sure whether he could make me happy. I accepted it and told him that if that was what he wanted, then I wished him all the best.

He didn't respond to my text at the same, but three days later he sent me a text saying he felt "strange" about the things we had said to each other and that he cared about me and loved spending time with me. We suggested meeting up once he got back.

Once he got back, we met up and talked through things. He was saying things like because of his past failures in relationships (he was cheated on etc) he didn't think he could make me happy. But once, I wanted to leave and go, he started caressing my hair and kissing me. We therefore decided to 'try' once again.

The next few days, he acted like everything was alright, calling me his baby and babe. He even said we should meet up again.

However, I've had this weird gut feeling the past few days and today told him that I wanted to meet up and talk about things, because I didn't feel right. I then explained through text, that I wanted him to be happy, even if it wasn't with me and that I didn't want him to stay with me if he didn't feel the same way.

He saw my message but has ignored it for the past 2 hours now.

Why does he keep changing his mind and avoiding the 'break up' issue?


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  • Holy crap. He must be deep in thought but I would message him again whenever you feel is appropriate and say "I really need to talk about this with you". He must either be thinking hard about his decision or thinking hard about how he doesn't like you and you've found out.

    • But even if he has found out that he doesn't like me and that I've found out, wouldn't he want to at least address the issue now that I've brought it up?

    • Some people just aren't like that and will avoid the situation

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