Should I just give up on my crush?

so i met this guy in my class he's really cute, when i first saw him he didn't seem as cute but as i talked to him more he got cuter to me, well we talked but if i dont talk to him, he doesn't talk to me :/ do i just give up? when do you know to give up, he seems shy too.. I don't know if thats why he doesn't talk to me first but what should i do :(

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  • Depends on the intensity of the crush you have on him. If you feel your crush on him is wearing off. Then in my opinion give it a break but not a permanent one. Just ask your heart. It will guide you in the end.

    • Hey thanks for MHO. Look after ure heart :)

    • yeah thanks and we actualy strted talking more now :)

    • That's so nice. I'm so glad. Take care :)

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What Guys Said 1

  • I have the same problem with this girl. I usually start the conversation and we really got to know each other last year and through the summer. I asked her out, she said she wasn't ready, etc.
    You will never know what he wants, unless you ask him. I am an introvert. I do not share my feelings readily and out in the open, which seems to be your crush's case as well. Keep on flirting with him. See if he opens up to you. If he ignores you, or gives you that vibe that he isn't interested in talking to you, then move on.


What Girls Said 2

  • Sometimes women have to make the effort. Try talking to him one day and letting him make the move the next day. If he doesn't then you know your more interested in him

  • I just wanna say that shy guys are shy guys. Some of them may actually prefer to get closer to you over text while others are shy to do that too! And honestly it all depends on the vibe you get from him when you talk in real life, if you feel like he enjoys talking to you then go for it! Personally, I have never been big on starting conversations because that's just not who I am, I have too big of an ego to do that, but if you don't mind it then go for it! Just make sure he feels the same about you

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