Girls: do you feel special when a guy brings you home (to his family)?

well i'm only 21 and i still live at home, and sometimes i bring home the girls i'm just hooking up with. for example if a girl i know comes back from college and she wants to hang out, i would sometimes say come over, and my parents see her... and then they might never see her again. discuss


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  • For a hook up HELL NO, I'd actually want to avoid your family. But if we're dating then yes.


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  • Not really.
    I introduce people to my family all the time & don't think much about it
    So.. I don't really feel special when a guy does that to me.

    • good. i hope girls dont think that meeting family is some sort of big thing

  • if you live with your parents and it's a common sighting not really, but if you tell me you want me to meet them then yes it makes me feel a bit special.


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