Should I just move on from this guy?

I dated my ex for 6 months, almost three years now. He is the one who initiated the break up. Over the past year, we've started to hang out more. We usually hang once every month or two. Things do get physical between us (we make out) , but we haven't ever had sex. I've asked him if he thought that we would ever date again and he said that he didn't want to date anyone at all. When we hang out he holds my hand, and we go out to eat and stuff like that. I was trying out tinder for the first time today and saw him on there. If he isn't interested in dating, then why is he on tinder. He's not ugly but he's definitely not super hot either, and he's put on 30 lbs since we've been broken up. I'm attractive and nice, so I do get asked out by guys but I always turn them down, and I think in large part is due to the fact that I still have feeling for this dude. So, do you think I should just cut contact with this guy, or do you think there is any possibility at all for us to be together again?


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  • From what you've described, yes, I would move on with your life. If things are meant to be between you two, he will make it happen no matter no matter when. Meantime, you gotta get back out there and take care of yourself.


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