When do I think about prom?

I have a person who I would potentially ask, and i just dont know when to ask her. How early before prom. I dont want to be late and have her get asked by someone else.


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  • Dude, I am wondering the same thing. I am guessing your prom is also in like May/June? I heard that kids start asking in like February or so. I want to ask my potential date in like March or April, I think! I really do not know the best time, but the asking interval varies from like February to like beginning of May.

    • nobody ever talks about when to start planning, so i just threw it out there. i think you have a good time frame

  • Asking a month or more is better than later. Because you don't want to ask too late. The late you ask, the greater the chance the girl you want to ask will be asked out by another guy. The best is a month (6 weeks to 4 weeks). That way you can get a tux or a suit just in time for prom.