Why did my bf break up with me out of the blue? :(?

Two days ago he told me he doesn't feel the spark he thought he did. We have been dating for 4 months. Everything was going well. I stayed and slept. iver his place for 3 days before he broke up with me. Everything went well. We hungout, had fun, he even made plans for next week with me. I invited him to my dads bday thats gonna be this coming Friday and he aaid he'll go and asked stuff about my parents. Then the day i get home i text him and then he says the other day i realized i dont feel that spark anymore. you're perfect, beautiful, any guy would be lucky to be with you and i got mad and just said i dont wanna see him ever again. We haven't spoken for two days but today he liked my instagram picture. Why did he like my pic if he said w. Have to stop dating? Why did he suddenly break up with me after things went so well? im so hurt. i dont know what to do:'( :'( :'( :'(


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  • Since we do not know him, you, or the particulars of the circumstances wherein he dumped you, there is no possible way to answer this question.

    I can take a shot in the dark, though, and say that him liking your Instagram picture is at least an indication that he does not dislike you.

    There are a million reasons he could have broken the relationship, and one of those possible explanations is that he told you the truth: He thinks you're a great person, but not the one for him. Is that so bad?


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