What type of relationship he wants? *Help*

When i first met him he said he wanted to get to know me, we were conversating every single day long hours on try the phone, and we see each other when its convenient. We had a fight over something small. Basically he said i was too emotional, nd then eventually he said he wasn't lookin for a relationship. I back off and we were barely conversating fr 3 weeks. I talked to him this passed monday, he wanted me to call off work so i can spend the day but i didnt. I went over after wrk nd he told me he miss me. And ask was i talkn to anybody nd i told him no. And soon after he started calling me baby and gave me his jacket to wear. Today he tried to gett me to call off again nd i didn't so basically he's been acting funny since. I. think he's mad at me. what do guys think he want? Im really confused



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  • I'm going to assume that he still isn't looking for a relationship and when he said he wasn't looking for a relationship my guess is a exclusive one. Ultimately there's no way to tell. You'd probably know better than us.

  • The fuck ur working and he's mad? Does he not work or get paid lol. I love a girl that works... for now till I can just pay for em full time


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