Ladies... What is the deal when I make eye contact?

I've been really practicing my skills when I'm in public to meet more women. I mean for god sake's if I don't introduce myself how will I ever meet women. I've been make eye contact with women, at Starbucks, grocery, gym etc. here's the part I don't get it. They'll make eye contact with me and give a smile and look away very quickly. If they would just make one more glance I would say hi. These are not whatvI would call shy women. They're very attractive and dressed so they get men's attention. Like tight jeans or nice top or something other than just sweatpants and a T-shirt. I'm not being cocky but I'm a good looking guy in very good physical condition and I don't go on public looking like a slob.

So ladies help me with this one. I see messages and hear from women that they complain men won't approach them and they want to be approached. So how do I get to that next step to say hi? If they don't give me a longer glance or don't look back is that just me not interested?


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  • If you smile at a woman and she smiles back (whether it's a quick smile or a long, sexy smirk), chances are she's either interested or just being friendly. Only way to find out is to go up to her, introduce yourself, and maybe compliment something about her appearance or say something funny.


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