Wtf is I need me time all about?

what does your suffocating me with all the texting I just need some me time but when i told him thats fine take all the time he needed I could find someone who would like my texting and wouldn't fb block me he sent this I don't know whats going on?

"I never said I didn't want you. I just need time for myself. You text me all the time and usually that's fine but I need a break occasionally. I blocked you cause you were acting crazy again lol and blowing my phone up"


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  • He needs "space". In other words, he doesn't care enough to just ask if he could spend some time with his friends, instead he has to tell you he "needs space" like your depriving him of some sort of food water or shelter need. Tell him to grow up

    • I mean im not even officially his gf we just went on some dates and been texting an when he has a day off he comes and hangs out sometimes .

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    • I plan on going out im not going to sit and wait on him he even said girls dont ask guys out when i told him he should be officially my bf

    • Girls don't ask guys out? Why tf not? That would be awesome if anyone could ask anyone out! Lol

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  • You sounds crazy clingy. Give him space


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  • Before I answer, I need to know how often do you text or call him in a given
    day? Are we talking once a day or are we talking 24 times in one day?

    Also, how many dates have you been on and how long have you known him?
    These answers will better help me understand both your positions and I
    can better help you with more back ground info.

    • well we started talking in aug and we have been out 6 times he even asked if we could take my son a few times. and we have always text all day or when he works we text from 630 when he gets off till he falls asleep.

    • but last Saturday he got upest i didn't text him all day bc i was at a wedding

    • Hmm, well clearly he and you mutually text each other a lot. So, if it's
      something he was okay with once, not sure why he's not now. Unless,
      the thrill of the chase is gone or things are moving too fast for him. Or,
      he could just be upset that you didn't communicate with him all day on
      Saturday and is trying to get back at you somehow. I'm not really sure.
      But, I think the only real way to understand ones actions, is to ask them
      "why?" Tell him "you're a little confused as to why he needs his space
      now and is complaining you're texting him too much. When that wasn't
      a problem before" See what he say's and take it from them. But, you'll
      never truly know "why" unless you talk to him about it. Good luck.