Ladies: Does it matter "how" a guy asks you out?

If you know a guy and might be interested too does it matter how he asks you out. I'm talking about confident vs awkward vs casual vs serious vs direct vs indirect and whatever else you you can think of

  • Yes. how he/she asks can make me change my opinion/answer
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  • No. as long as it's clear, I'm good
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  • see answers/ I usually do the asking
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  • for sure.

    ask me out over text or online, forget it.
    be a creep and try to use some pick up line on me, dont bother.
    simply talking about my appearance is flattering but it makes u look shallow.

    if i respond well, its because he's being simple, friendly, casual and shows a genuine interest in wanting to get to know ME, NOT my butt -.-

    • What about face to face, but slightly awkward/anxious

    • well if i can tell that he's trying his best to keep it cool, ill actually find the awkwardness in it pretty cute=]

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  • Not at all... my bf did it really awkwardly at three am in our college cafeteria. It was awkward especially since we were both new to dating. It was cute and makes for good memories!

    • Wait... at 3 am in the college cafeteria? I hope he didn't wake you up for that xD

  • I mean, I'm sure there are some ways that would be a turn off, but generally if its casual and direct you can't go wrong.

    My SOs way of asking me out was "Wanna catch up?"

  • nope. as long as its clear.

    how about you? do you care how you get asked out?

  • It does matter to me 'cause it gives me a little picture of what i should expect

  • I think its only bad if:
    A) He asks it in a way that makes it seem like he doesn't really want to
    B) He asks it in a way that makes it seem like He's doing you some HUGE favor by asking
    C) He's so awkward when he asks that you can't actually tell if he's asking
    D) He asks in front of a bunch of people when he doesn't know what your answer is going to be.

    Literally any other way is fine.


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