How do I know if a guy wants to date me or if its just a hang out?

I recently started spending time with the new guy in my building. We will watch TV or a movie or hang out outside. He will knock on my door when I get home from work and we will spend hours together drinking beer and watching TV and talking. this has been going on for over a month a couple times a week. He even asked me to go with him to a concert for his birthday in a couple months. recently we have started opening up about a lot of personal things. The other night things went to the next level for the first time. Before this I wasn't sure where we stood and if we were just friends or what. We went from a hug goodbye at the end of the night to making out and doing almost everything but having sex on my couch. At the time we both agreed that we should wait to take things further and slow down a bit. We were both happy to know we were on the same page. Its been three days and I haven't heard from him. I texted him to hang out but he never answered. Does he not want to take things to the next level? Why would a guy not talk to me after that?

I finally talked to him and we were both on the page about everything, sounds like he was just busy for a couple days which is why I didn't hear from him. Thanks guys!


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  • He totally does, just have faith. And have u tried to talk to him (in person since).


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  • No idea, because hitherto things seem fine and you both seem synchronized. Keep us posted!


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