Why'd she ignore me today?

We've been messaging each other all week; she starts it. When I stop, she'll snapchat me and then if I let the conversation die, she'll hit up other sources of social media to keep us in touch. She invited me out to the beach (just us) before, mentioned she's single etc; so basically it seems like she likes me. We're going out in a few days time.

Thing is at uni, today I was walking into class as she left; me with my friends and her with hers. Our eyes met and I smiled at her but all she did was look down at her phone and continue on walking. I'm confused?

Am I reading too much into this?

  • Yes, she's just shy as you're both with friends
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  • No, she just enjoyed the attention you were giving her
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  • It depends, does she have a rep as like a player, or is she the shy type in school? is she considered "popular" and you "not"? it all depends, i need a little more info!


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  • She doesn't like you and only hits you up on social media when she's bored or wants to feel attractive


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