What does it mean when a guy texts you "sleep tight koala" when you weren't even talking?

We texted randomly during the day and the last text was at 8:30p. m he answering something I asked, then at 1:00 a. m I get a text from him saying "sleep tight koala". Was he thinking of me? I kinda feel special, but I know he has more girl friends.

What could it mean?


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  • panda you getting all the xper

    • yes he was thinking of you

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  • He obviously meant to text that to a koala. Koalas sleep a lot, y'know?


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  • Just a cute little goodnight msg, maybe cos yur chat with him was still open and he thought he would send a goodnight msg.
    could be something or it could just be him being nice... see if it happens on a regular basis

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