I don't know if he is still into me?

I am 13 years old and in middle school. I have liked this guy for AGES and he finally asked me out last year and I said yes. I had this one annoying friend that was my excuse to hang out with him. She left the school but I still hung out with him for a few months (he would ditch his friends and hang out with me) but then one day he stopped and he hasn't ever hung out with me since (I tried to hang out with him once but he just talked to be for like 15 minutes and then kinda forgot I was there and talked to his friend) Everytime I walk past him, we both look at each other weirdly and I don't know why... But we just walk away from each other... We only have tiny little conversations but they are really nice and funny :) I don't know if he still likes me or not? I have some friends saying that he probably doesn't like me anymore but he might be thinking the same thing!!! It is so complicated and I overthink things!!! Sorry this is so long but PLEASE HELP ME!!!


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  • Pull him aside and give him a hug. Tell him u miss hanging with him.

    • Thanks. But I don't really know how... He hardly ever leaves his friends... I have seen him at school every day and he has seemed pretty upset and I don't really know why? We have maths together and I always find him looking at me but pretends he wasn't (He doesn't look away he just pretends he was looking above me at info)

    • You just gotta find the time to reach out. Maybe something is troubling him. Anyway I'm sure he'd be happy to be reminded that u care for him.

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  • (i really dont have much info. about the guy or about you so im just averaging it all). it really depends on what type of guys he is. And because i dont want to make this a paragraph il make it short

    Popular guys (like the ones that have a lot of friends, and are considered "cool"): they will am higher. for more atractive girls

    Quiet guys: they will be happy over any kind of girl that is interested in them. and they will probably be happy over a conversation with anyone who is actually interested to listening to them.

    P. S. both of these groups dont like annoying girls, or the type of personality he REALLY doesn't like


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