If a guy wants to know why you're asking him out before hell answer, is it wrong to say 'bc someone else asked and you're my first choice' ?

but if you're not interested ill give them a chance.

i mean is that mean or is it ok bc its true and bc he's not being direct. if he just answered in the first place, he wouldn't have to to hear that.

he did ask. if you dont want to know dont ask.

its not like I'm being flippant. I've liked him for a few months. and everyone thought he liked me. he said hew did.

we've hung out but not alone. so i decided we should try it alone and he acted confused.

mean while threes another guy i met a few weeks ago. i like him. not as much asa the first, but if that guy is going to play games then i wouldn't end up liking him period anyhow.

i don't want to play games so i just told him why i was asking now. as apposed to what waiting another 5 years. i mean who needs to know why. your only job is to answer yes or no.


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  • You've already asked him, and so now just wait for his answer for a reasonable time. If you don't get a positive response from him, then just go for the other guy.

    • I'm asking if it was wrong to tell him the truth when he asked WHY i was asking.

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    • Lol! I'll take that as a compliment!

      People find it hard to believe a 28 year old guy has never asked anyone out because he is too chicken and has a morbid fear of rejection, so I tried to conceal that matter unless it becomes essential to reveal it! ;)

    • yes you should:)

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