How would you girls like the first date to be?

Say also how would you like to be approached or better still how you would not like to be approach and also what you do not want on your first that.


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  • The only way to go wrong with approaching is by doing it either when I'm already in conversation with someone (it makes it awkward, especially if you're not a mutual friend) or by saying something awkward like "hey, future wife" or "Hi, girlfriend!" ... it's way too soon for certain comments. So keep things casual, do it when I'm alone preferably and don't say something that will make the rest of the convo awkward.

    As for a first date... I really don't care but a dinner date is always good and really gives you time to get to know the person. Plus... food. Any activity that is accompanied by good food is fab.

    • Oh good. I would take her for wine and pizza. I like wine and pizza. And i will pay ;)
      There is this one, but she is always with her friend they are foreigners. Would the approach still be a bad idea in that situation?

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  • The best way (in my opinion) to approach a girl is if she's alone. If she's with a group, then I wouldnt. Even just coming up and saying hello would be cool. And as for a first date, maybe just do something not overly romantic- just fun and casual. That's just my opinion. :)

  • His or my house, tv/games takeaway, littlee alcohol. and let loose! Nothing fancy just fun :)


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