Have any of you girls got out of a friend zone?

Yes boys. girls can be put into the friend zone to, so i would like to hear some of the stories from the girls side as well as the boys :) thanks


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  • And Here I thought Friendzones are only for boys. They might exist rarely but boys generally do not drag such things. Its always an Yes or No. And there's that friends with benefits thing. But never friendzone. Coz talking to a girl who proposed me, and not to my liking is just annoying. There wil be a hi-bye friendship at most.

  • Guys hardly ever uses friend zone, ugly girls are a no go no matter what, and the rest is always a potential sex partner, ergo no friend zone.

    • @molan I was just about to answer and you summed it nicely. Guys are never "just friends" with girls. Even if you are ugly, we hate your guts, you hate us, whatever, we probably still won't kick you out of bed. So therefore, you're not "just a friend".

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