Is he interested or just friendly?

I met a guy online about 2 weeks ago and we hung out last night for the first time. he keeps telling me how much of a "babe" I am. I go the impression from him that he was kind of a an aloof guy who doesn't have time for dating just hooking up. But last night when I hung out with him he was SO different! he was actual a super dork like me who seems to be VERY ADHD and super bubbly honestly I don't think I had the right first impression at all.

BUT ANYWAY, Last night I hung out with him when he got off work at 1 am and we played video games on his couch until 4am. he didn't check his phone once, during every cut scene he would hold my hand not the controller and while it was my turn he played with my hair and tucked it behind my ear. we kissed for a little bit. when it was time to leave he walked me out to my car and told me to text him when I got home so he knew I got home safe.

I don't know if he likes me, if he's just super friendly, if he doesn't know personal bubbles or if I'm just looking way too into things.

He's texted me the next few days but I haven't heard from him the past few days and when we have talked he hasn't shown any interest in hanging out again -.-


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  • Rule #5: Guys are never "just friends" with girls. He's looking for more.

  • (You kissed) That's all the proof you need that he likes you plus all the hand holding and playing with you hair.


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