Guys, if your girl wanted to go see The Best of Me this weekend, would you bring her?

If your girl asked you to go see this movie with her, would you?

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  • I am a guy and I actually like romantic movies.
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  • I would pretend to be reluctant but inside be very excited.


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  • If it made u happy id take u to see anything u wanted to see and anywhere afterwards because that's what nice guys do. If he thinks he's all macho and doesn't want to be seen there he's probably soft and thinks he'll end up crying during it. Give him a choice he takes u there or your going to watch male strippers in a club with the girls lol

  • Sure I'm nice like that. I may not enjoy it but I be doing for her to enjoy and have fun

  • Sure, I might not enjoy it but meh I love making her happy.

  • yea, why not. I might like it, never going to be in my movies of all time


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