Should I go for him now?

So I am convinced this shy boy likes me.
Signs I've noticed are
1. He has stared at me a lot more.
2. Whenever we speak he looks at me a lot more.
3. He also laughs at my jokes.
4. He is shy and has began to start the conversations.
5. Around his friends that are girls he laughs and jokes easily but sometimes with me he is very nervous and fidgety.
6. Whenever we are asked to pick teams he always goes to the one I'm on.
7. In p. e the boys have to pick girl partners and he automatically chooses me and we have the best craic.

Should I go for it?


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  • Pity you, guy should come and approach you.


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What Guys Said 2

  • You should win him

  • Um... Do YOU like HIM?

    If so, hell yes go for it!


What Girls Said 1

  • Girls instincts are always right, he does like you !!! You should go for it before its too lateeee !!!

    • "too late".

      Almost every shy guy's fantasy is for an attractive woman to approach him and ask him out. It becomes irrelevant how long he has to wait because he knows he's not going to do it so even a girl takes 4 years he'll be pretty happy and likely very available lol. (and yes, I know not every shy guy is blah blah blah) lol.

    • Well I think you should understand that he's too shy to make the first move, shy people are afraid of people's unexpected reaction towards their action e. g. he's afraid that you'll reject him. If he doesn't want to make the first move, you should respect that.. If you want to make it work one of you should take a leap..[that's you]
      Btw, I rather choose a girl to make a move instead both of you not making a move at all and trust me if you keep waiting, it won't work out

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