What are some things I could go out and do with this girl I've been hanging out with?

I've been hanging out for the last month with this girl I knew several years ago. We were never close friends, but we talked from time to time. Now, we have gone out and had coffee, dinner, and she introduced me to her sister when we met up for ice cream. We are thinking about hanging out next weekend. What could I suggest we go do?

She's made it obvious she likes to be around me and doesn't mind being alone around me. We are still getting to know each other and I think we're both testing the waters.

p. s. we are both 24.


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  • I honestly think you need to give her one of the best days with you, I'm not suggesting to take her to dinner, that would be really awkward.. I'm suggesting something fun, exciting, like an amusement park, or travelling the city or something, something you've never done before ! Think out of the boxxx !!! Be casual and take things slowly, don't rush things, take baby steps :)


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