How to avoid time wasters on online dating?

A lot of girls on online dating sites like POF and Datehookup are only there for entertainment and aren't serious about having a boyfriend or anything, I've talked to so many girls that after a while for no reason whatsoever I I never hear from them again I know that they weren't there for the right reasons and not serious, I could get a girlfriend in a finger snap if I talked to a girl that was actually serious about getting a boyfriend. I really hate this about online dating.

How do I avoid time wasters on online dating? How do I know if a girl is actually serious about getting a boyfriend?


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  • If she acts too flirty right away and doesn't seem like she wants to get to know you, she is a waste of time.

    • That makes sense, all those girls I talked to and never heard from again must have been legitimate they either found someone else or I wasn't very interesting.

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  • I have no idea. We are living in such a world. Everything seems so easy and so consuming, right? Hell yeah. Even in person it takes years to know someone. Even you night not know. lol

    I say be honest. Be yourself. Be direct. A girl who is not really interested in you, will disappear. So no even need to push or do, some game, whatever. If you really want something real, be real. That is what I say.


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