I met the most beautiful I have ever met today but not sure ho to get to know her?

i went to get my hair cut today and the girl that cut my hair this was the first time i met her and i would really want to get to know her we talked for a long time about ever thing and i told her she did a great job on m hair she gave me her card and had her name on it so next time i go in i can ask for her agine i know she is single an have simmler interests i was messing around on Facebook and put her name in just for the hell of it and ad fond her profile and read it any way what would be the best way to get to know her i don't just show at her work just to talk to her or email her out f the blue i don't want to come off as weird or creepy pulse i she is 22 and i am 37 what can i do to get her attain she did tell me were she like to hang out


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  • Add her on Facebook, if she adds you back, its a good sign and a step in the right direction. Some girls are into older guys, my friend is dating one now. After she adds you, if she does, start chatting with her on Facebook. . Break the ice.. after you guys have chatted for a while. . Just ask her out.. if she doesn't friend you.. do not persue.. you will come off as a stalker

    • are you sure tat ok i have only met her once

    • Yes, if she doesn't accept though. . It mrans she is not Iterested.

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  • You have to go daily to get your face shaved from that girl and you can talk to her during that time and when she becomes really friendly to you ask her for date

    • they don't do that there its a cost cutter

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    • Ok then you can straightly go to her and ask her to go out with you maybe she wanna go with you out.

    • You haven't send her Friend Request on Facebook. Dude this is the first step you have to do. Send her request if she accept the request firstly don't ask her out suddenly wait for some days and then ask her not for date just for hanging out, or watch some movie.

  • You better have a fat paycheck