What to do: boys oh boys!

I just started selling avon and I'm 16, well yesterday at my first avon party ever...one of my good friends says that she won't be going to homecoming because its our senior year and her boyfriend moved to a diff state and she doesn't want to be the only one left without a date.

so my mom says well its okay cause she "referring to me" won't have a date either..

So my aunt tries to hook me up with some teenagers she knows

I don't know what to do I'm tired of not ever having a boyfriend or boys around so everyone thinks I'm never gonna have one

any advice?

p.s: I don't have any guy friends to pretend that there my boyfriend either,but I want to get my family and friends off my back


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  • At your age, it's perfectly fine not to have a boyfriend. Whatever peer "pressure" is being asserted upon you at school is nonsense.

    What you will find after you leave high school is that many of those people who pursued relationships so strongly early on, stayed in them, had a family, and then got divorced. Not necessarily bad things, but whatever it was they personally aspired to be, they can never reach.

    Most of the reasons these relationships out of high school do not work, is because people your age have no idea what they truly want, and have not had any experiences that would help them with the learning process in that pursuit.

    And because they go after the first thing that resembles a relationship, and decide to commit themselves haphazardly, they end up taking a journey nowhere near what they anticipate.

    So, don't follow suit because "everyone is doing it," what you decide to do with your life personally is no one's business but your own and only involves the people you involve in it.

    And if you've noticed, all those people who seem to have interest in what you're doing, just blab whatever it is they think you said, as oppose to actually listening to what you said and then remaining silent. So if they are doing is talking about you anyway, why give them anymore reason?


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  • Oh you may just go with your arranged date... just to please your family, then they back off for quite some time. Maybe you'll have some fun and you will get along with that one for good ;)

    If not, you're to simply tell him and then you can walk around freely. I highly doubt he will be following you around like a puppy :P

    If you don't wanna do that, just tell your parents. And really don't bother, I'm 23 and I never brought a serious girlfriend with home, my mom really is thinking a lot of stuff, haha.

    For sure you will find your partner someday, I mean you're just 16... =)

  • Just be yourself and they let your family decide your relationships for you. I get the same thing but I don't worry about what everyone thinks. Take your time to find the one, just as long as your happy. Don't let them rush you into something because most likely you'll get hurt or you won't be happy. My friends are always saying that I need to get a girl and stuff like that as well. Why they do that I don't know. Your young and should not be forced into that uncomfortable situation and people go around asking, well why isn't she dating? The people you date are gonna be dating you not them so just take your time...there is no reason to rush..hope this helps..sort of hard to explain but message me and I can give you more advice... ;)

  • Let me get this straight, you -don't'- want your aunt hooking you up, or you secretly like that idea?

    • Cuz at first blush she sounds like a pretty cool aunt, though that would depend on who she can get for ya now. :)

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