Confused do I tell him or not?

Me and a guy I've been seeing for a year are so close we tell each other everything even deep secrets , we get on well we text every day all day and call etc. He's so lovely caring kind , we live 200 miles apart so see each other around once a month , he has told me he cares for me but he's the type who can't show emotion. The problem is we are like good friends with benefits , but it feels closer than that , I think about him all the time , he's the one who texts me first !! Everyday , always try's to please me to , sex is amazing and he has said he doesn't want me just for sex he likes me and would like to just come to my home and chill together. My feelings are all over the place tho I don't want to tell him how I'm really feeling about him just invade it puts him off ! Shouod I tell him I havecfallen for him or just wait? He said the other day would I sponsor him next year , so seems like he is planning on still seeing me , what do you think about this? In my heart I feel maybe he does have feelings for me? Confused :(

In case not invade ! My phone changes words lol


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  • I'd hold back from letting all your feelings out. Find out if he wants to move closer to you. If you let it all out too soon you might get let down if he doesn't feel the same. But! If you don't share your feelings and make yourself vulnerable then you may never know what could have happened. Go with your heart


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