Why do guys look and date guys by what's on the outside?

i don't get it I am kinda chubby not really but why do guys date a girl because of there looks or even there boobs. why do they? I thought that what's on the inside is what matters. so does it?


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  • What you will find is that as you get older, men will have more of an interest of what's on the inside.

    Right now, in high school, the focus is on outward appearance, because most guys are having a rage of hormone surges, that are making focus on sexual desires.

    And that factors in on what kind of girl they pursue.

    Don't worry about it, because that's how it is right now. It gets better as you get older, and more guys start to realize that outer beauty tends to be a worthless pursuit.

    Will they have their likes and dislikes? Sure, but their palette will be much more refined, and they won't always be going for what they believe to be a "magazine cover."

    Hang in there, you have a long journey still to come.

    • Hye thanx a lot that gave me inspertaion

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  • The inside does matter but the initial attraction has to be there. Maybe you're standard of a guys appearance is too high, when that type of guy isn't likely to date a girl of your appearance.


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  • It's true that what's on the inside matters, but nature plays a big part in mate selection. Men tend to go for women they are physically attracted to because their instinct tells them that these women will be a better, healthier partner. We women do the same thing, too!


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