What makes a man 'too' comfortable in a relationship?

What things do women do that make men too comfortable in a relationship that they stop advancing the relationship to another level?


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  • If she never leaves him alone. Getting too intense, because then the guy knows the girl likes him and stops trying

    • So this guy calls me every day and typically i spend every weeekend with him...
      I know he has a golf tourtatment this weekend with work... Should i not initiate spending this weekend with him?
      Intold him when he is free we should check out a new movie.

    • Yeah give him a day or two to stress about not hearing from you. Like it's a bit manipulative but it'll make him crazy for you

    • But if he calls i should answer no? Lol
      I had recwntly applied for a night serving job for extra cash and he wasn't happy that it was going to take away from him... Still i feel like it won't be much longer till he becomes comfortable.

  • If she overly submissive, needy, insecure, and, or financially dependent upon him or others.


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