Am I crazy to try reconciling with her... After 2 yrs?

A girl I was dating a long time ago (just over 2 years ago). Kinda forgot about her unitil recently... just noticed on FB moved to another city (or at least I think she did... saw some pics of her sightseeing and thought she just went on vacation, but now I see that she is still at the place after a couple of weeks and is taking classes on the language of the place). Noticed on FB she is back in town... but don't know if it's permanent.

Normally I don't like to dwell on the past but I feel like a screwed this relationship up (we did share some good times) and now there is no chance of rekindling anymore. We broke up over a miscommunication on both of our parts and I may have overreacted (basically i got mad at her for being unenthusiastic and distant the last few times i msg'd her... She insisted she was "busy"and didn't have time to talk... not too sure if that was true or was her way of saying she wasn't interested in me anymore). I appologized for my role in the arguement. She said we should go our separate ways. I tried msging her a month later but that went nowhere.

A weird feeling but not too sure what to do. How should I initiate convo after this long. She is on instagram... I was thinking of adding her there to test the waters. Or... Should I just delete her off FB and forget about it... and her?


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  • How long did you date?

    • Not long... only about a month. I didn't even think about her all this time until recently when I saw her pics on FB

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    • Hmm... yeah I think that may be true. Her possibly moving may have something with the way I feel. But I still feel some attraction to her still.

      She was the one who wanted to breakup. Even tho I was upset about the way she was acting... I just wanted her to know that it wasn't cool... but I still wanted to be with her. She was the one that wanted to breakup... I just respected her decision and space at the time

    • Well there is only one way to find out... but do it the right way! If you want to get in contact with her then call her and set up a date/ meeting. If that's not possible then send her a message through Facebook and ask her to grab coffee with you! Eventually that way you will see what she thinks of you and your attempt to reconcile. IF SHE DOESN'T RESOOND AND SHOws she has seen the message then MOVE ON she is not interested

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  • Is she currently on your Facebook friend's list, or did you take the liberty to search for her page?

    • We're still FB friends

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    • Nervous about doing that. The problem is that we have been FB friends all this time and yet I have had no sort of interest from her... no HBD wishes... no liking any of my posts. I haven't either... only out of respect for her space and didn't want to come across like I was creeping her...

    • You have everything to gain and little to lose. The worse that could happen is her not reciprocating your interest.