Is it weird that I find it attractive when he disciplines his dog?

Maybe this is a bit strange, but I like to hear when this guy I am dating disciplines his dog. For some reason I find it really sexy when he yells at his dog and tells him to stop jumping on me or whatever he's doing. He's a really sweet guy and he's hardly ever serious... he gets this serious face and gets angry at the dog. For some reason I just like it, I don't know. Is that weird?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's not weird at all.. you just want to be dominated, and you want him to be rough at with you in bed. You want him to control you and compltely take over with you, while just caring about his needs. In short you need dirty love. You can talk to him about this and ask him if he would like to try rough love making which involve spanking, maybe role playing, dirty talking, hair pulling... whatever floats your boat!

    • hahaha... I do like that. Somehow makes me feel really feminine in bed haha. I don't know about pulling hair, but I do like when he just goes at it in his own way...

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What Guys Said 3

  • No, of course not, I think keys because most women like a man who can take charge and takes the lead, and you might be one of those woman

    • So strange. Never thought I used to be that way!! I guess I do like a somewhat dominant guy... I think? Not in a bad way though.

  • Sometimes, You really wish you were that dog, dont u? :P

    • hahah I dont think so

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    • LOL. Nobody is weird. Turned on by a guy's serious face is not strange at all.

    • yeesss I love his serious face haha

  • No it's not it just means you want him to do the same to you

    • haha I don't know about that... in what way?

    • You want him to take charge of you and discipline you for jumping up and humping people's legs and the furniture.

    • hhahaha no not quite

What Girls Said 2

  • It's a display of dominance. It's hot... As long as he isn't a prick to the dog :/

    • oh no, not at all. It's the only time he makes sure the dog is in line... it jumps allover me

  • It's not weird. A little aggression can be sexy.

    • hahaha maybe that's what it is. He comes off as such a gentle giant... and then this total other side of him comes out when he gets mad at the dog