After asking someone out, how many days weeks months, do you wait before you decide its not happening, and ask someone else?

Assuming you do not actively peruse more than one person at a time. If you do then this question does not apply to you.

Thank you.

they did not say yes opt no. they said they are interested but have to get back to you.


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  • I don't wait at all. You stop talking to me, game over.

    • no. I'm asking how long do you wait to hear about whether they want to go.

      like if you asked at a bad time and they are going to get back to you.

      i have a feeling you'll say if they dont say yes immediately , you move on. but for arguments sake,. say they genuinely intended to get back to you.

      Personally. i think id wait a week for a stranger (not that i ask out strangers) or for someone who has nothing major going on. so bio real reason to keep things at a halt.

      A month if i have history with the person and i know the circumstances are complicated, but thats it.

      Do you think a month is too long?

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    • ok so you take it as a no and move on?

    • I take it as a "I don't care enough to answer right away". Which just doesn't cut it.

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  • "I'll get back to you" ?
    hunny, that means "not interested" Simples!

    • I've done that when i really needed to sort things out though, so i dont think it always means that.

      though it could. this is why people should be direct:)

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    • if he had rejected me recently (i rejected him recently though not intentionally so I'm trying to fix it) i might want to think it over.

      and if my schedule is crazy id have to see when I'm free. but yes id explain the sec on. the first i probably would just get pissed. but not say anything. hmm no id probably be able to see he was trying to fix things. so yeah either way its a bad response. :)

    • .. and there u have it!
      Dont wait around, life moves fast

  • if i ask someone out and they say no its over moving on rightaway

    • they did not say yes opt no. they said they are interested but have to get back to you.

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    • I've given u all the advice i can give its up to u but u seem to just be coming up with more and more excuses, i don't know

    • not excuses. i was explaining where i was coming from.

      do you say anything to people if they dont answer with a yes or do you just turn around and walk.

      i mean technically. you as girl out she says something other than yes. what do you say. 'ok'?

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