"I am interested but I will have to get back to you." a) Wait to hear b) Move on, bc if someone was really interested they'd say yes.

you've been hanging out with a guy or girl. for a few months. you like each other but you dont have time to date, and or are not sure you want to mess up the friendship.

then one day you decide you to her/him out. s/he says 'I am interested but I will have to get back to you'.

Do you take that as a 'no' by default?

Do you believe them but dont feel like waiting?

Do you believe them and wait?

If you wait how long would you wait?

anything else to add feel free:)


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  • It is a "No" to me. I don't have time for maybes. The ball is in her court. If she realises that she likes me then she needs to come back and tell me and hope that I haven't moved on

    When I ask out a girl it isn't to go straight into a relationship. It is to date and get to know each other at a romantic level. If she likes me too and wants to get back to me it would be in her best interest to tell me why. If she doesn't then the Ball is still in her rcourt

    • yeah thats pretty much how i think about it.

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  • B I would move on at the speed of light and likely not give them another chance. It's about self-respect and a guy knowing a good thing when it's staring him in the face. If he doesn't have enough good sense to say yes and enough enthusiasm for me after a few months, I would mooooooove along and not look back

    • Agreed.


      but if you guys are friends do you still talk to him after that, or is it too awkward?

    • Fuck that dude. Seriously. A friend would not tell you to wait around while they consider your romantic worthiness.

      If you decide to be friends, keep your boundaries strong and maybe take some time away from the friendship to consider if the relationship is serving you.

      But my first thought was fuck that dude...

    • well i rejected him in the recent past , so it was a bit complicated. but for the most past i agree.

  • It means I am interested in another girl emotionally and attracted to her physically but if I cannot get any vagina to cum, I will have to get back to you unfortunately... Are you jokin that someone does not have time to date? Are you CEO at age 18 to 24?

    • you always know immediately that you want to go out with someone?

      you never have to consider it. thats hard to believe.

    • Yes i do know whether a person is the one i m gonna go out or not to try a relationship from the first time i meet them.

    • a date is just a date. its not that big a deal. i think its ok to want to check your schedule. i not think thats being disrespectful to anyone. i think it would add a lot of stress to be offended by that. but i guess it depends on what you want.

      but thanks for answering. your answer makes sense. I'm just realizing its not how i see it. so it helped:)

  • Wtf? I'd move on right away. Don't even look back

    • so if you're friends would you stop talking to him as well?

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    • no i meant if you're friends with him.

    • I won't be then.

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