How do I start a conversation with a girl at the gym?

So today I reached a milestone i set about a year ago. I benched 225x3, im 20, 200 lbs, 6'2 with a 6'4 wingspan so this was not easy. I promised myself and my friend I would try my luck with one of the girls at the gym when i met my goal. So how do i do it? There is no arrogant, stupid 20 year old topic so ill chose dating.


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  • Wait what I didn't know the gym was a good place to meet people in that way.. this is new to me! Lol I'd say something like..."hey I see you all the time what's your name?" Then go from there.. super easy!

    • Its not a good place to meet people in that way but I promised myself and a friend I would lol.

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    • okay good to know thats awkward lol

    • My pleasure:)

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  • You're 200lbs and benched 225 for 3 reps.. sigh.

    Just talk to them inbetween breaks, at the water fountain but srs a lot of people have their headphones in and are concentrating on their workout. So try to keep the initial contact minimal and see if she is receptive to it, get a good feel for it.

    Don't overthink it, just do it.

    • not sure if the first part is insult or not lol, but these arms man ill tell ya are awful for any chest excercise make everything so hard. i think ur right about the other stuff tho, ill just have a hard time breaking what im used to lol.