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Hi! I'm a 21 year old girl who is involved with a 32 year old man. We spent a night together, but after that night i was uavailable online and by text for a week. When we got back in touch after that week, it seemed as if he had removed himself from me, had trouble being as open and trusting as earlier. Have i given him the impression i'm just after som fun? I'm worried i've ruined my chances with him, as this is as far from my intentions as possible. Guys, would you be hurt or withdraw if a girl you were interested in pursuing something with behaved like this? or is this just normal behaviour when you've conquered a girl?


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  • Guys his age don't usually take young girls seriously. He just fugured you as a bit of fun, a girl with daddy issues he can exploit.

    Sorry to tell you!

    • That's fine, probably need to hear it.

      Thanks for replying

    • daddy is a little too much, they've got only 11 years difference

    • Klamath, at 43 and 32 you could say that, but at their ages it's a whole generation's difference

  • why should he be open, since you hae had sex with him only once? LOL

    • Sorry, we had flirted for a couple of months previous to this, and talked for a couple of weeks leading up to the night. Should have mentioned that.

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