Things to do on a date? GaGers be my heroes/heroines and help me please?

Alright, I'm in serious need of help. I've been seing this guy for almost two months now, we have been on several dates where we have gone to dinner, movies, bowling, pool and so on. We have spent a couple of times in bed watching movies and playing videogames. And on Saturday its my turn to come up with something to do when we see eachother and I'm at total loss. I can't come up with anything.
I live in a city.
Do you have any ideas as for what we could do? It doesn't have to be anything formal since we are cuddly people haha! What would you like to do on a date/when you meet up with someone you like?


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  • Got your own place? Try cooking dinner together and get all lovey wtf u playing video games fo on 4nem


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