Do you think we could start dating soon?

I'm a senior and this guy that I've gotten close with is a sophomore. He's taken me out on two dates, and we've hung out a couple times with other people. He's super nice, funny, and easy to be around, and he likes me too. However, we haven't kissed, although we've been close, and I'm wondering when it's gonna happen. He talks about things we'll do in the future like hiking or whatever, but we've never really talked about dating. Of course, I let the guy make the move, but should I expect dating in the future? How can I let him know I'm interested in more than what we have? Thank you so much!! <3


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  • Step 1: Ask him out.

    There, you're done lol. When I was a senior and my girlfriend was a sophomore, SHE straight up just pulled me to the side after class and asked me to be her boyfriend. No dates or anything and she honestly thought I would deny her right away. We had a few conversations here and there in a span of a month so we were earlier in the friend stage but she decided to just skip that and go for it. Here we are a year later LOL.

    What you should get from that is if you're that interested in a guy and he isn't doing anything to start something you HAVE the ability to initiate things. If you're stuck in a "but guys should be the ones who!!!" mindset that's fine, just don't get mad if he takes forever to finally start the relationship that you two have the potential for. If my girlfriend hadn't asked me out I MAY have done it 4 months later which is obviously not a length of time you want "are we ever going to be something more?" being asked to yourself every day.

    In any case, good luck!


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  • Is it weird being older?


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