How the heck should I proceed with this girl?

So I met this girl about 6 months ago.

She was really funny, down to earth, and generally all around cool. We'd hang out fairly regularly and always had a good time. At the time I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, just a friend who could maybe turn into more. We became physical with each other (touching, cuddling, etc.), so I figured this was the route things were going.

But after a month or two, she began flaking on me a lot. She would come around sometimes, and it was understandable because she was a manager of a store and had just taken up a higher position. It got worse, and she'd continuously leave me hanging (ignore my texts asking what happened till the next day, for example) after making set plans. Then one weekend she flaked on me twice in a row. To make things worse, she accidentally sent me a text meant for her other friend telling them to hang out... ouch. So I told her that she's just wasting my time, and I don't see any point in talking to her to any further. She messaged me once afterward, but I didn't reply and moved on with my life... or so I thought.

A month passed and I thought I saw her at an intersection. I figured I'd text her to say hi, and she responded within seconds. We talked the rest of the day, saying how she missed me, we need to start hanging out again, etc., and made plans for after I got off work. We caught up, she apologized for flaking on me all those times (saying she just forgets), and so on. This happened about a week ago.

I've invited her to tag along to some things, last minute, and she declined each time--so I won't consider it flaking. At the same time, I have to recognize she's just not a reliable person.

With that said, I realize I've grown feelings for her or at least had them all along. But I feel like I'm just setting myself up for disappointment pursuing her any further. Still, I feel like I should tell her how I feel and see what happens anyway.

Ahhhhh, what do I do?


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  • Tell her how you feel, like... How you really like her and have all these feelings for her but she's making it hard for you to show them. I think you shouldn't give up on her but don't seem to clingy, and sometimes when she text you control yourself and don't make it seem like you just wait for her to message you all day by waiting like 20 minutes to respond or so on :) Good luck dude :D!


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  • You need to let her go. She doesn't value time with you as much as you value time with her.

  • Well considering you're not sure if she likes you I think you should wait until SHE wants to hangout with you because when she knows she has you wrapped around her finger she doesn't have as much interest in you, so I don't think you should sweat it but maybe wait for her to come around to you


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