How to keep interest in a guy?

I'll be honest. I've been through worse heartbreak then most people my age. My first love (who was my fiance) died by suicide. And now years later I find myself really short with men. If they do something that angers me I pull away. If they do something I find shady I cut them off. I've learned it's easier to pull away then risk getting hurt. But now I'm dating a man who I'm pretty sure still has feelings for his ex. I know he cares about me a lot, but this and other small things is causing me to want to end it with him. How do you maintain interest in someone you know is a good person? Is it even possible?


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  • Well, you really need to communicate all these things to him. I would come right out and ask him if he still has feelings for his ex. If he does, he needs to deal with that, not you. If not, the next order of business is to think and talk about your feelings towards him with him.


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