This junior guy likes me and I don't know what to do?

So the other day my friend Lizzy told me that this guy asked for my number. It was a junior named Ethan, who's sister is on my volleyball team. I am only a freshman and I was kind of shocked that a junior asked for my number. I know it's a stereotypical thing that upper classmen want to get into freshman girls' pants but he also has been asking if I have said anything about him. And he has been asking quite a bit by texting Lizzy. So i don't really know what I should do about the situation. He has my number but my phone is currently broken. I also didn't want her to give him my number. He hasn't talked to me at all yet and he just looks at me when I see him every morning. Lizzy is trying to set me up with him. I am not sure if I like him, so what should I do about this entire situation?


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  • First, MAKE SURE YOU LIKE HIM OR NOT. If you don't just tell him it will spare his feelings in the long run. If in fact you do like him then start slow like wearing lip-gloss and fixing your hair cute and when you pass himm by say hi and smile a little then one day just walk up to him and ask him whats up or hows it going. (explain your phone sitch.) and keep adding more to the conversation daily nd then one day tell him you like him. and see where it goes from there.