Long distance/ non-emotionally expressive guy?

I've been dating a guy since summer, nothing exclusive but we always enjoyed each other's company and talked everyday. Now that school started, I moved away to another state but come back often and he started school again and works so he is busy as well (I'm 23, he's 27). When I left for school, I assumed that I was never going to see or talk to him again, but he never stopped texting me. Every so often he does give me some emotional cues that he is definitely interested and in a round about way told me he wasn't talking to any other girl but still nothing locked down. He has told me that his is more of a guy that shows his emotions than talks about them but obviously that is hard when I'm away. He is dealing with figure out the future of his life so he told me he still isn't sure about his life right now but that hasn't stopped him from talking to me and talking about his family and even talking to me through special events he goes to. I was the only person he was texting on his birthday, from midnight to 4am we were talking.. He has never been the guy to straight up say " i like you or I want exclusivity" he's always tries to make it obvious without saying it which is sometimes hard through text. I went home last weekend to see him and I spent the night and we had a really amazing time. We were very close and loving and he didn't want me to leave when I had to go to the airport. Then the next day I texted him to flirt and tell him I want to keep him around like jokingly and he avoided the topic and asked me if I was safe at home. I didn't really like his response so I asked him if I'll see him again and he essentially said yes. He always has these moments of mixed feelings esp with distance, then I usually just leave him alone and he always comes back and initiates texts and we have good conversations, It seems like he needs time to process things. Do i let him come to me when he's ready? emotions seem to scare him, he's def comfortable with me though.

He's a very laid back guy and is not really a planner which seems to be how he is just going with the flow with us. He has had girlfriends, so commitment is not the issue. I dont think he would have invest this much time for a hook up. Its been 4 mon


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