A mysteriously HOT message!!!

Let's make a scenario here;

A guy and a girl flirt CONSTANTLY! They've been friends for some time now.

They obviously have sexual and emotional tension going on between them...

They conversed about being together, hooking up as a starting point!

A conversation such as this [one of many] took place on Monday. On Sunday, she sends him a text message reminding him of his 'fantasy' and asks him where he is right now, so she can finally come over!

Would he take it as a joke, or treat it seriously, or tread in between those two territories trying to assess if she was actually serious or not?

What kind of a feeling goes through his mind/body/soul at that moment?

What would his response be?

[Guys, please try putting yourself in this kind of a position!]



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  • I go by experience and most of the time, fantasy is better than the reality. However, I would think that he would take it seriously, but since you guys have been "teasing" each other for a while now, he may just play it safe and fish around a bit more. If all you want is sex, go for it.

    I once dated this guy, who was extremely hot, but he was very busy with medical school (he told me that on one of our dates). I wasn't interested in having anything with him at that point. A couple of days later, I came home from work (I was much younger and living with a friend) and my friend had the tequila out. We proceeded to do a couple of shots. I then called up this guy and told him, I just got done doing tequila shots... Want to come over? He was over in a flash and of course, we had some good fun sex.

    I actually ran into him a few years later ( I had a boyfriend who I was in love with at the time). This guy tried to give me his business card and asked me out, even after I told him several times, no.. I have a boyfriend, etc.

    Good luck.


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  • I'm a little suspicious of text messages. There's just something frail about them. Not to mention fantasies. Realities are more compelling.

    • Could you elaborate that then?

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    • Maybe because you have no clue what you're talking about.... hahahahaha

      Well..no surprise there then! xD

    • I accept your criticism and retract all previous comments.

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  • Well, I'm not a guy, but if I was in that position, I'd answer (If I was at home) "I'm at home, you gonna come?" or I'd call and hear the way they asked. Hope that helped... I know it's a pretty sucky answer right?

  • I would think he would take it seriously...