Does he have a thing for me?

He gives me tight hugs and today we both put our arms around each other for a tight hug. He also kisses my forehead, play fights with me, jokes about being my boyfriend... he doesn't do this at all with our mutual friend who is also a girl. He also plays with my hair and nudges me playfully while we walk.

He also sent me a good mirning text he very rarely does this on a Sarurday


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  • Isn't it obvious? He not only has a 'thing' for you, but it looks like he's completely smitten! Good luck! :)

    • Hope he is :p the tight hug today was incredible

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  • Oh that lucky guy! Of course he is! :) Hope you guys live happy ever after!


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  • With all his hugs and kisses, his playfulness and attentiveness, it is quite Obvious, no laughs and giggles, that this special guy is Sweet on you and Into you, sweetie.
    He sounds like a keeper that you are lucky to have and to have around... Keep him closer to your heart, not at arm's length and I believe he will "Keep" You Out of Harm's way.
    I see a chemistry, a sizzling sensation between the both of you...
    Good luck, God bless. xx

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