I can't wait any longer?

A girl I met a year ago.

We were seeing and sleeping with each other for around 3 months. She wanted more , but I told her I can't ( my father was ill and in the end passed away)

After his death we saw a little bit of each other and it
helped speaking to someone. I was still a mess and I could be in a relationship after his death

(in that period she met 2 guys who used and treated her like crap)

We are not spending time with each other and she wants to see if we compatible first..

Thing is.. its been 3 months and we see each other. But there is ZERO affection. Not holdinig hands , kissing nothing. We went on vacation together and it was terribly hard with no affection...

Its now 4 months in , I can't do this anymore. I feel like a donkey chasing a carrot.

She has gone on some "happyness 100 days" over drive and hates that I watch the news and anything negative?

Its just friggen TV?

I told he its impossible for me going from sex to absolutely nothing. I have tried for as long as I could.. But I have needs 2 .

We suppose to go away in the next 2 weeks again. But I feel that vacations are meant for couples that show affection..

High fives just dont cut it...

(after a year she should know enough about me to decide)


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  • Find a side hoe.

    Not really. Don't do that.

    Talk to her about it. See whether you're on the same page still, and if not, maybe it's not meant to be.

    • I get the.. " Every time I see you , it means something " I am ready.. She wants to see if we compatible.. Which I get.. But its getting old and making hang on a string...

      There is another girl who wants me.. Which I blew off cause I wanted to concentrate on this one.. But , no affection.. nothing... Feels like more "lunch" buddies if you get me

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